Monday, July 27, 2009

There once were three sisters.....

Macy's Pinup Shot!
Macy's roommate Emily took this photo of Macy for a photography class

Abby and her friend Michael at Abby's Spring Concert at Turlock High School
Abby, Pop, Nanny and Kylie at Spring Concert. Abby and Kylie sang, "For Good" from the musical Wicked.

Kylie in the BYU Homecoming Parade (this was actually in the fall, but it was so cute I decided to add it....better late than never)

Kylie is an EFY (Especially for Youth) Counselor at BYU this summer.

Here she is with some of the boys in her group.

Kylie and one of the girls in her youth group.

Kylie and another counselor she worked with this summer.

Kylie has loved being an EFY counselor!

Macy attended BYU Idaho for Spring Semester. Here she is playing dress-up with her roommates.

Macy with some of her good friends this summer in Rexburg.

Abby and her friend Julia attended EFY (Especially for Youth) at BYU in July.

Abby with some of the young men in her EFY group.

Abby and Julia jumping for joy at EFY!

Abby and Jared at EFY

Abby turned Sweet 16 in June and got her driver's license!

Brad doesn't look like he has adjusted yet!

Abby went to visit Macy at BYU Idaho in June.

Macy had an ice cream social at her apartment to introduce all her friends to her sister.

Sweet Macy!

Macy's roommate Emily took some fun sister pictures


Kristy said...

Way to go Kristy. Now the whole world is apprised of the goings on of the Brad and Kristy Falke family. Love you! Brad

vocalise said...

You did good! Lots of cute the ones of Abby and Macy in the grass, Kylie at EFY, and all of the rest!

Randie said...

hey, the picture of kylie and one of the girls who she was with, her name is taylor!! i know her she is one of my friends! what a small world! but looks like you guys are having a blast! love ya!

Barry and Jeanni said...

Finally.... I love it when you update your blog! So wish I could have seen Macy in Idaho- next time. Your girls are all so pretty! Miss you!

The Mills said...

Darling pics! I love them, tell the girls hello from us! We miss you

~*Alina*~ said...

i love these girls! i can't believe abby is 16 already. I hope you're doing well, Kristy!


LizzyP said...

There were once three BEAUTIFUL sisters . . . They are really so lovely. Each seems to be living so fully at their individual stages of life.

And this is totally unrelated, but in that one photo of Abby and Julia jumping for joy, there is a guy and a girl in the background off to the right--are they dancing? So funny. Obviously, there was a lot of joy that day. Maybe that's what BYU does to someone.

Maylin said...

And all 3 so talented and beautiful!

Teresa said...

What beautiful girls- great shots! Oh to be young =)

Anne Marie Hyer said...

Yeah! This post was so colorful and fun. It's nice to see some shots of where everyone is this summer. And the one's of May and Abbala in the grass are so fresh. Love it~

Sarah said...

Darling photos of the girls! I can't believe my little Abby is 16 & Driving! Miss you all!



Belize said...

wow, they are all grown up! soon you and brad will be empty nesters....:( but what pretty, talented and fun girls you have!

Marilyn said...

So many great pictures, wow on the pin up shot of Macy. Another Marilyn Monroe in the making.