Friday, February 27, 2009

Pixar, Napa Valley, Novato, Bodega Bay, Jelly Belly Factory...Valentine's Weekend 2009

Macy came home from BYU Idaho for a long weekend and so we look off on an adventure! We went to the Jelly Belly Factory, Bodega Bay on the northern coast (best clam chowder ever according to Brad, Abby and Macy) and then went to visit the Kurtz family in Novato. We also toured around Napa Valley and then went to see our friend Emron (he works at Pixar...thus the Monster's Inc. characters). It was an awesome Valentine weekend...the only thing that would have made it perfect...Kylie.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Motherhood Musings

I'm listening to a Taylor Swift song entitled, The Best Day, (playing on my blog)and I am thinking about being a mom. I miss the days of dress-up, performance plays on our front room hearth, princess stories before bed and rubbing arms to go to sleep, pink fuzzy bear ear coats, spa birthday toasting with Martinelli's, happy meals from McDonald's and chicken Stars from Carl's Jr., dancing in the front room, onesies, bike rides with the girls on the back seat, being the hang out and dress up house...I could go on and on. Where did the time go? I am so grateful to have these memories to cherish. I am grateful to be a mom to my three wonderful girls...each so individual and precious. What a privilege my Heavenly Father has blessed me with. I think about my own mom and how much I cherished being her daughter. She was a wonderful mother and I learned so much from her example.

I'm grateful for 15 year old daughters and how I get to drive everywhere with them; once the license comes, they are always driving on their own...I miss that Kylie and Macy....I am enjoying the learner permit phase with Abby right now.

So, like this song, I hope and pray my girls each feel as though they had their "best day" with me on occasion and that we have many more to come. I know I did with my mom at the Oregon Coast in the last year of her earthly life. I pushed her in her walker up to the Seaside boardwalk and we talked and talked and she told me then that she knew it would be her last trip to the ocean. My mom was never afraid of death, as she knew she was going on ahead of us to be with her family who had gone on before her. She was an incredible lady!

Motherhood...I am so grateful for it.