Thursday, April 15, 2010

Turlock High School Election Convention...Abby2 for Rally Commissions/Spirit Leaders

Our New Turlock High School Rally Commissoners/Spirit Leaders
Abby Degrazia and Abby Falke = Abby2

Darcy and Abby

Campaign Dancers and Manager

Abby and her buddies

Ty and Marco...silly campaign dancers

In the following videos you will see Turlock High School's Election Convention.
In the first video, the Abbys are running against two other opponent groups;
then it is narrowed down to two groups;
then the winner is announced!

In case you didn't see Abby's Jr. Miss photos, scroll down about four entries...they are worth seeing!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Kylie's National DanceSport Competition...March 11-13, 2010

Kylie competed in the National DanceSport Competition held at BYU. Here she is with her partner Seth Grover during one of their Open Latin dances.

Oh la la you two!

Rumba anyone?

Kylie and Seth...they competed in Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba and Paso Doble

Kylie and Seth have an awesome partnership and great chemistry when they dance

One of their latin poses

I love watching Kylie compete and I was tickled pink to be there in the Marriott Center for three days of competition...I am so proud of you Kylie!

Lovely Kylie and her Daddy

We were able to meet Seth's dad and sister (by the way, Seth is Emron's brother in case you notice a resemblance)

Kylie and her friend Alex...she brought Kylie sweet

Kylie's standard partner Walter. They competed in Waltz and Quickstep

Kylie teaches a 5th grade ballroom class at Northridge Elementary School in Orem, Utah and her kids were competing at the Team Match at DanceSport

Kylie's students received the honor of the "Top Notch" Award.
They also each received gold medals.
It was so fun to watch her with her students...they love "Miss Kylie"
Her students with their gold medals and Top Notch Trophy

Miss Kylie and her kids

Kylie and her student Zach

Seth came to watch Kylie's students and was a great help to her...
Thanks Seth!

Kylie's dear friends Karson and Betsy had their daughter Izzy at DanceSport
Kylie babysits for Izzy and they are buddies!

Kylie and adorable Izzy

Kylie and her teaching mentor Cheryl

When we came out of the Marriott Center the first night this is what we saw...

Kylie's kids receiving their award

Kylie and Seth...keep watching and they will come closer to the camera