Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Visiting Teacher. Ruthie Davenport

  • She makes me smile and laugh
  • She takes silly pictures with me...we took a ton to get one decent picture
  • She calls me when I'm sick
  • She goes with me to "look-e-loo" at Christmastime

  • She is my friend


Macy said...

this is sweet mama. i love ruth!

vocalise said...

Perfect post. Loved it.

Teresa said...

Cute picture....she is my friend too.

Kylie said...

Oh Ruthie! Gotta love that amazing woman!

Marilyn said...

I was reading your comments this morning and saw the one from Janae about Ruth and thought, what is she talking about? Then I scrolled down. How could I miss this one. It was so fun to see Ruthy! Say hi to her for me. And Janae is so right, you two have not aged a day. You are making me cry again remembering all of our great times and all my wonderful friends in Turlock. Michael was in SF two weeks ago and I wanted to come so much but couldn't. I think we nee a girls reunion in Boston, how about if all of you come here to the Stokes Bed and Breakfast.