Friday, June 5, 2009

Maui with the Wilsons, May 2009

Blowhole Fun

Buddies at the Blowhole...Brad and Jeff

Eating in Paia Town...Josh, Nicole, Jeremy, Kylie, Abby and Macy

The Wilsons and the Falkes



Teresa said...

what fun- wish I could run away there- It was great to see you the other night at the wedding- fun!
Thanks for sharing your photo's

Barry and Jeanni said...

Your vacation looks very fun! I love to see the pics of the 3 sisters together.

John and Jill said...

Hey Kristy!! Looks like you had a great time! Aren't vacations great!

Marilyn said...

So fun, such cute kids!

Anne Marie Hyer said...

I've never looked at your blog before and it is so fun and unique. Haven't seen one like this before. Thanks so much for saying hello on my blog and following it. It's been fun to experience and so fun to share.
Thanks for the prayers:)