Monday, March 8, 2010

Tahoe, February 13-20, 2010

Kylie flew in from Utah for a few days with us in was so great having you there with us Kylie!
My little buddy he cute or what!

Brad, Jared and John hanging out at the ice skating rink

My girls (minus Macy...we missed you Macy...she is in London)

Jessica and Abby...sweet friends

I couldn't resist...Jocelyn feel asleep waiting for her mom to valet the skis

Ski bunnies plus one adorable boarder...Taylor Ann and Logan came over for the day to ski/board and when we took them back to their cabin, we had a great evening with the Tilbys and the Jones'...dinner was awesome you guys!

An awesome shot of Brad taken by Jill

Taylor Ann, Jessica and Abby

Lake Tahoe taken by Jill...Beautiful

Kylie's friend Emron came up for a day

I love this shot...Brad and his girls (miss you Moo)

Could you ask for a more beautiful place to ski?

The Iceskaters! The Falke and Gauthier girls...ColdStone anyone?

More iceskating

Jessica, Jocelyn and Abby

Three friends

Kylie and Emron riding up the Gondola


Kylie said...

Way to go Mom....finally got Tahoe up! I'm proud of you! Next order of business, DanceSport! And yes, I still need to get the videos copied for you! I'll do that asap!

Kristy said...

Fun times...great memories. I'm ready for next year. Let's say we ski the face at Heavenly too Kristy. You are such a stud! Love you. Brad

vocalise said...

Whaaaat? I completely missed this post. LOTS of fun photos. Haven't been ice skating forever. Fun fun.

John and Jill said...

Fun times! Great pics! And. . . I love your blog makeover!! Looking great Kristy.

Marilyn said...

What fun, Michael's favorite ski spot is Tahoe. I wish he could go with you since his wife is such a big chicken and wimp! He actually gave his skis away this year, it made me sad because he is very good. That was a great shot of Brad. Beautiful photos.