Saturday, November 7, 2009

BYU Homecoming 2009

We took a quick weekend trip to Utah for BYU Homecoming. We had so much fun watching Kylie dance in the Homecoming Parade
Kylie and her partner Doug

Kylie's Ballroom Team girls

Kylie and Doug

They danced the Lindy Hop for the whole parade route...
they were so exhausted by the end of the parade.

Saturday evening we attended the BYU Homecoming game against TCU (Texas Christian University)...we got creamed...we still had fun though. Macy came down from BYU Idaho for the game.

The Hyers invited us for Sunday dinner and Lesa got out some of her mom's old hats for us to try on...Abby and Kylie
The Hyer and Falke girls...we missed you LynsieAbby and Randie in some of Leah's old wigs
Brad and Abby flew home on Sunday and I drove to Idaho with Macy to spend a few days with her. We had a great time.

I love you and miss you my college girls!


vocalise said...

It's funny...I have seen similar photos of the dancers in the parade on a few other blogs. I'm pretty sure I saw Kylie in one of them! So cute. The hats and wigs are super fun.

The Mills said...

I heard you all dressed up!! I love it! Thanks for sharing

Marilyn said...

So much fun, I wish I could have seen Kylie dance.

Barry and Jeanni said...

Looks like you had a blast! I would love to see Kylie dance sometime. Do you ever record her dances?

Robin said...

Beautiful Kylie, I wish I could of seen her perform. Thanks for sharing so much fun Brad and Kristy family events! I love my cute little nieces! Hugs from Aunt Robin

Trent, Taraleigh & Taven said...

Oh my goodness- so many fun times and cute pictures. You guys sure know how to have fun!!! Looks like you are right- it is good to be a falke:)

Sparks in the Desert said...

Darling pictures! I'm glad you had a super time with your girls! It seems like it was yesterday when I tended your now college girls! Time fly's by so quickly!