Thursday, September 18, 2008

Golfing Fun with Nanny and Pop

Brad, Kylie and Abby took Nanny and Pop to Stevinson Ranch one evening this summer. It was the first time that Nanny had ever seen Brad and the girls golf. Nanny and Pop were so cute out there...they all had so much fun and made some cherished memories! Summer 2008


GauthierFamily said...

Wow!! It looks great Kristy!! How'd you do that?? I mean the title thing, I love it.

vocalise said...

Those are SOOO cute!!! Abby looks like she is going to be tall??? I can't believe it was the first time Nanny and Pop had seen everyone golf....what a fun memory. The blogging thing is fun. Mine is in my brain, but I've been enjoying everyone elses....maybe after my dad's 80th surprise B-day??? Fun fun fun photos! I'm impressed.